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Pushing Violets - Hand Dyed DMC Floss

Pushing Violets - Hand Dyed DMC Floss

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You’re seeing that right (I mean, probably anyways. Every screen is different. But it’s pretty damn saturated.)

I love this purple.


Sold in 10 yard skeins.

This is your favourite DMC floss, but better.
6 strand embroidery floss for cross stitch, embroidery, needlepoint, and more.

Made from 100%, long staple, Egyptian cotton and double mercerized for a brilliant sheen.

The skeins are measured in a one yard circumference. Simply untie the bow and cut across all threads if you like to work with 1 yard pieces, or wrap the full skein around your favourite bobbins as is.

*** Unless shipping with other products, skeins will ship Canada Post Lettermail (standard snail mail) because it is silly to pay >$10 when we can pay ~$1! Yay, now you have more money for floss. ***


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