Ringspun Cotton

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Price per 100g. Wound continuously in a large skein when possible unless otherwise specified.  

This cotton is a beautiful staple in the yarn collections of anyone who uses is. Much softer than the 1/2 pound cones you're used to.

You won't look back.

Woven example is of a hand dyed blanket piece. The warp is undyed georgia ringspun and the weft is georgia ringspun that was hand dyed wth speckles. 

Ring Spun (RS)
A yarn spinning method in which roving is fed to a “traveler” which rotates around the edge of a ring. Inside the ring is a faster rotating bobbin . The process simultaneously twists the roving into yarn and winds it around the Bobbin.

6/2 2520 YPP

8/2 3360 YPP

Skeins are tied with four figure 8 choke ties.