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Royal Purple - Bamboo Lurex - Hand Dyed

Royal Purple - Bamboo Lurex - Hand Dyed

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>100g of Bamboo Lurex.

I don’t know the weight/yardage but it looks to be a fingering.

I bought the rest of the stock from a retiring dye artist and have scoured to interwebs to try to find a supplier with no luck. Get it while you can.

Please treat hand dyed plant yarns like a new clothing item and wash with a colour catcher or individually before use.

Although care has been taken to exhaust all dyes, changes in water quality and temperatures can make certain colors bleed. It is strongly encouraged to wash yarns separately before knitting multi-colour projects to avoid darker colours bleeding into lighter ones. 
As is the nature with hand-dyed, no two skeins will ever be identical. 
Please note, colours between screens will vary.
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