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LDH Stainless Fabric Shears - 9.5"

LDH Stainless Fabric Shears - 9.5"

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Our Classic Stainless Steel Fabric Shears are handcrafted from industrial stainless steel. 


The blades are slightly concave and perfectly aligned and are very well suited for grading and trimming. The extra weight of a stainless steel scissor aids in improving the overall control of your cuts, and is virtually maintenance-free (we recommend occasionally oiling your scissors). 

Recommended Use

For use with light- to medium-weight fabric. Great for sewing, quilting, and paper crafts.

Multiple Sizes 

We make 5 sizes, ranging from 8" to 12". The handle sizes up proportionally to the scissor, so the larger the scissor, the larger the handle. 

*These shears are right-handed. *

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