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Majacraft Bobbins

Majacraft Bobbins

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The 2020 Majacraft bobbins have been updated to improve the function of previous bobbins while maintaining the level of quality we strive for. The focus has been on making them both lighter while retaining strength and keeping the noise when spinning as low as possible. We think we have done pretty well in achieving these goals! All bobbins excluding the Overdrive will fit on ANY of our wheels. The plastic bobbin revisions also have drive pin holes so they will now work on the Aura too. The extensive selection caters for all types of spinning styles, from the finest cotton or silk to hemp and novelty yarns.



In our experience with using the revised bobbins, the weight reduction makes the bobbins much more responsive to changes in speed. They are affected much less by the inertia of a heavy bobbin that has a delay in taking up when starting spinning or running on when stopping. Trying them out is the best way to experience this!


The new standard plastic bobbins are molded in ABS plastic which has been chosen primarily for minimising the noise made by the tension string in the groove. Cutouts in end the end plates decrease the weight plus allow you to observe your yarn on the bobbin when spinning. Because ABS is a slightly softer plastic, we did not want them to wear out quicker so have managed to integrate some high quality and very durable polymer bearings inside the bobbin. They are tricky to see but I promise you they are there! We have also added drive pin holes so the plastic bobbins will now work on the Aura.


With our revised range of plastic bobbins, we have now added a jumbo plastic too. It has all the same features of the started plastic bobbins but with more (volume)! Same ABS, same lightweight design, same polymer bearings and with space for more yarn. What is not to love?


Our wooden bobbins offer attractive design and innovative technology. The bamboo ply bobbin ends are cut on the laser. They are both very light thanks to the cutouts and have decorative motifs added to the spokes. To minimise noise from the brake band, we have used 3d printed plastic rings that are glued on to the ends. We continue to use fibreglass cores and durable bearings. The Majacraft wood bobbins will beautifully compliment your spinning wheel.


The jumbo bobbins have a large capacity and can be used in conjunction with a plying flyer, Wild Flyer or Aura Hybrid flyer. Like all our wood bobbins they are made using laser cut bamboo ply with 3d printed rings and fibreglass tubes. You can ply up to two standard bobbins of yarn onto the Jumbo bobbin or you can spin longer yarns when using it with a Wild Flyer or Aura Hybrid flyer.



The Lace Bobbins have been created to spin very fine lace weight yarns. The special thin wall fibreglass cores make for very light bobbins and will allow you to have extra sensitive brake adjustment. This is essential for lace spinning. By combining this bobbin with our lace flyers you will be able to spin at very high speeds with ease. These bobbins have a “fat” core to reduce the “yarn-to-bobbin angle” and hence the tension on the yarn as you spin (to prevent unnecessary breakage of fine yarns).


The baby bobbins also use the laser cut bamboo and fibreglass design. These can be used as a plying bobbin for your lace kit or alternatively as a high-volume high-speed bobbin. In a similar fashion to the jumbo bobbin, you can fit two lace bobbins of yarn onto a single baby bobbin. The baby bobbins use the same size flyer as for the lace bobbins.


The Stylus bobbins can be purchased individually to go with your Majacraft Stylus. They too use fibreglass and bamboo construction so will match your other wooden bobbins as well as being very durable. While smaller and shorter than any of our other bobbins, they will hold a huge amount of fibre compared to traditional quill type spinning. They will also fit just fine on Majacraft lazy kates.


Our bobbins don’t get any bigger than this. They use the same construction techniques as other wooden Majacraft bobbins to fit on the Overdrive head and hold five litres of yarn (over a gallon!). This is five times more yarn than the Majacraft Jumbo bobbins. They run on a different size flyer axle so will only fit on the Overdrive Head.

The Majacraft bobbins are now better than ever. They are very attractive and have consistent design styling across both the wood and plastic range. The lightweight designs and improvements oriented toward quieter running and long life will make them a pleasure to spin with.


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