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"Holy Shitballs!" was the most common (and awesome) reaction to the preview drop of this beauty in the FB group, understandably.
Ridiculously bright flaming orange outlined with pink fading to a rich purple and gorgeous teal. This one will stop you in your tracks. 

This preorder will be fulfilled by July 3rd. I fully expect to have everything completed and shipped before this, but I'd rather people be pleasantly surprised than wondering where tf their yarn is.

This round, orders will be shipped out in the order they are completed so fast fingers ain't a bad idea ;)

Prices are in CANADIAN DOLLAR and not subject to tax.

17 Micron Superwash Merino $28CAD

  •  Fingering (115g/420yds)
  •  Worsted (115g/210yds)
  •  Sport  (115g/280yds)
Superwash Merino $42
  • Super Bulky Superwash Merino Single (~230g/~125yds per skein)

Merino Cashmere Nylon (80/20) $30

  • 3/9 Sock Blank - Single Stranded (115g/420yds)
  • 3/9 Sock Blank - Double Stranded (115g/420yds)
    Lovingly hand dyed in Ottawa.
    Although care has been taken to exhaust all dyes, changes in water quality and temperatures can make certain colours bleed. It is encouraged to wash yarns separately before knitting multi-colour projects to avoid darker colours bleeding into lighter ones. 
    As is the nature with hand-dyed, no two skeins will ever be identical. Pre-orders will be dyed together for as consistent colour as I can manage, up to 4 skeins per pan depending on yarn base - super bulky singles are dyed one to a pan.
    Please note, colours between screens will vary.