Sprinkle Fade - SNUG (Merino Cash Silk) - Sock Weight

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75% Merino 15% Cash 10% Silk 
A beautiful blend of soft af fibres.

Sock Weight
115g per skein
5 skeins total
1680 ypp
~ 420 yards per skein
~2100 yards per set

Sprinkle Gradient Set
Skein 1: Neon Yellow & Pink
Skein 2: Neon Yellow & Pink & Broken Purple
Skein 3: Neon Yellow & Pink & Broken Purple & Bright Purple
Skein 4: Neon Yellow & Pink & Purple & Turquoise
Skein 5: Neon Yellow & Pink & Purple & Turquoise & Dark Blue & Black

Lovingly hand dyed in Ottawa.

Although care has been taken to exhaust all dyes, changes in water quality and temperatures can make certain colors bleed. It is encouraged to wash yarns separately before knitting multi-colour projects to avoid darker colours bleeding into lighter ones. 
As is the nature with hand-dyed, no two skeins will ever be identical.
Please note, colours between screens will vary.