Silk/Stellina Scarf & 6" Round Weaving

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This soft blue beautiful set will be listed for $270 total (Scarf $210 & Round Weaving $60). Pricing will be adjusted on Feb 9 @ 4pm EST.

Handwoven Scarf

This silk though. Wow. It's not just soft and shiny, as is expected of silk, but it's also got a bit of unexpected loft to it. The sparkling stellina is the cherry on top. The hemstitching makes for gorgeous contrast before the twisted fringe. 

61" + 4" fringe on each tail = 69" total fabric length
Warp: Hand-dyed Tencel
Weft: Hand dyed 90% Peruvian Mulberry Silk / 10% Stellina
Woven in plain weave and finished with twisted fringe.

Round Weaving
Woven by Lindsay of Weaving Wishes.
6" in diameter
Woven with bundles of Tencel warp threads, handspun art yarn, and beautiful complementary lightly spun merino roving.
*It is important to note that there may be nubs and potential weavers knots etc. Every effort will be made to ensure high quality items- please keep in mind that these items are made by humans and not machines. Bobbin Changes are not considered a flaw.*