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Rose/Cotton/Stellina&Silk Cowl

Rose/Cotton/Stellina&Silk Cowl

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Double looped in photos.  

Handwoven Cowl
This piece is something really special. The mix of weaves and wefts gives an incredible texture that is visually and tactilely (yes, that's a word) appealing. The black diamond pattern silk weft is my favourite for its contrast and sits just above the fringe so that it can't be missed. 

34" diameter + 4" fringe
Warp: Hand-dyed Tencel
Weft: Predominantly Rose/Cotton Stellina (variegated purples and blues) with Tsumugi Silk (black) section. 
Woven in a mix of plain weave and twills, and finished with twisted fringe. 
*Due to the different types of weaves and wefts in this piece, some sections have slightly more draw in (less width) than others, this is only noticeable when laid flat and well worth it for the eye catching texture and contrast between sections. 

*It is important to note that there may be nubs and potential weavers knots etc. Every effort will be made to ensure high quality items- please keep in mind that these items are made by a human and not machines. Bobbin Changes are not considered a flaw.*

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