Handspun Merino Infinity Scarf

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Double looped in photos, this is a big comfy sweater in an infinity scarf. The handspun that went into this was an hours-long labour of love, and I hope you love it too. 

Handwoven Scarf
This super long piece was initially a very long scarf, but it was begging me to turn it into the staple of comfy "goes with everything" infinity scarf. The handspun merino single weft is soft and textured and made for this warp. The blues throughout make for subtle striping. There is no doubt that this piece is hand made and you won't find anything like it anywhere. 

47" diameter + 2" loose fringe
Warp: Hand-dyed Tencel
Weft: Hand-spun Merino in variegated shades of blue. One accent section with a bright blue hand dyed Supima Cotton weft.
Woven in plain weave and finished with loose fringe.
* Due to the handspun weft, the selvedges have a much more textured and less finished look than with commercially spun yarn.

*It is important to note that there may be nubs and potential weavers knots etc. Every effort will be made to ensure high quality items- please keep in mind that these items are made by humans and not machines. Bobbin Changes are not considered a flaw.*