Rose/Cotton/Gold Stellina Twisted Cowl

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Handwoven Cowl 

Rose/Cotton is a lovely blend that is both soft and shiny with a little bit of cush. The added stellina in this weft makes for a slight shimmer throughout.
The variegated dye colours of the weft make for a subtle striping that plays perfectly with the hand painted warp.

23" Diameter + 3" twisted fringe 
Warp: Hand-dyed Tencel
Weft: Rose/Cotton/Gold Stellina hand dyed in variegated purples and blues. Small accent section of rich deep blueish purple Peppermint yarn.

 *It is important to note that there may be nubs and potential weavers knots etc. Every effort will be made to ensure high quality items- please keep in mind that these items are made by humans and not machines. Bobbin Changes are not considered a flaw.*