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Rose/Cotton/Gold Stellina Weft Cowl

Rose/Cotton/Gold Stellina Weft Cowl

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Handwoven Cowl
The pointed twill pattern does perfectly showcases both the warp and weft. The grey dye used for the weft of this cowl is a gorgeous base that brings out and blends the warp colours. The shimmer of the golden stellina is absolutely stunning on this piece, which would pair beautifully with both bright lipstick or sweatpants on the couch COVID style.

27 inches in diameter + 2" of loose fringe
Warp: Hand-dyed Tencel
Weft: Hand dyed Rose/Cotton/Gold Stellina
Woven in a pointed twill and finished with hemstitching and loose fringe.

*It is important to note that there may be nubs and potential weavers knots etc. Every effort will be made to ensure high quality items- please keep in mind that these items are made by humans and not machines. Bobbin Changes are not considered a flaw.*


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